Nexeo X200 Graphite

  • Impact and weather resistant: Extremely robust, as demonstrated by its 10-year warranty, the Nexeo X200 is highly resistant to all types of impact. Designed for outdoor use in winter and summer alike, it can withstand rain, snow and even extreme heat.
  • Very high speed (9.5/10): thanks to its highly dynamic rubber and graphite structure.
  • Excellent spin (9/10): its innovative coating ensures perfect spin reproduction and an unrivalled level of grip on such fast surfaces.
  • Precision and control (7/10): The combination of these innovations gives it formidable precision, and its elastomer handle, with its ergonomic shape, gives you a better grip.

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Product Information


The best performing outdoor table tennis bat

The Nexeo Graphite X200 table tennis bat, the perfect combination of our expertise in outdoor ping pong and 'graphite' technologies previously reserved for the world of tennis, is probably the best performing outdoor table tennis bat on the market. It took three years of development to produce this product, which combines qualities that were previously incompatible: outdoor (weather-resistant) with incredible performance, ultra-durable (shock-resistant) and extra-light.