Playing like a pro: effects and replacements

The position of the cue ball you hit with the cue tip will have an effect on it. Hitting it right in the centre or to one side will change its trajectory completely after impact. Mastering spin will allow you to hit some difficult shots and also to place the cue ball with great precision for the next shot. To teach you how to master spin and replacement, we've called on Florian Kohler, two-time world trickshot pool champion and holder of numerous records.

The main effects

The stop shot: consisting of aiming at the centre of the object ball, this effect stops the trajectory of the cue ball after impact. After the shot, it will therefore be positioned just behind the ball it has just hit.

The sinker: thanks to a forward rotation, the cue ball will continue to follow a straight trajectory, continuing its course after its impact with the object ball.

The backspin: by aiming at the bottom of the cue ball, it will come back towards you once it has hit the object ball.

Left rotation and right rotation: if you hit on the left of the cue ball or on its right, it will rotate in the chosen direction. During a game, this effect is often used in combination with another.


With three concrete examples from real game situations, discover how to replace the cue ball so you can string together winning shots by combining effects.

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