To aim perfectly and control the trajectory of billiard balls

Perfect aim: the ghost ball method

A widely used and tried-and-tested method, the ghost ball is a very simple technique. It involves imagining that there is a ball stuck just in front of the ball you want to hit and aiming for the centre of this "ghost" ball. In any playing position, this will enable you to make a successful shot. To master this method, watch Florian Kohler's video demonstration.

Placing the white ball after impact: tangent lines

During a game, once you have pocketed a ball, you can play again. But if the white ball is poorly positioned after your previous shot, it can be difficult and you will lose your turn. To avoid this, when you make a shot, you should not only pocket a ball but also think about the next shot and place the white ball in a way to set up another winning shot. This is where tangent line management comes in, which represents the trajectory of the white ball after its impact with the target ball. Combine this with good control of effects, as explained by Florian Kohler here and you'll be unbeatable.

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