Secure Payment Methods

We ensure the security of your payment

Our site allows you to make your purchases in complete security. Thanks to its secure payment system. All transactions are carried out via ADYEN.

Credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex) :

Payment by credit card is 100% secure, using 3D Secure technology. This method of payment is offered for all products on the site. You will systematically receive a verification code from your bank on your mobile phone in order to finalise the transaction.

If your payment is not validated even though 3D Secure is activated on your card, please check with your bank that you do indeed have the "liability shift/transfer of risk" functionality.

The stages of your secure payment step by step

> Step 1: Your credit card payment request is submitted to the Adyen payment solution via a secure connection, from our website

> Step 2: Adyen receives your payment details and transmits them via a secure connection to our bank's authorisation system.

> Step 3: transmits the transaction over the interbank network to your bank's authorisation system.

> Step 4: The interbank network sends the transaction back to your credit card.

> Step 5: Your credit card accepts or rejects the transaction and returns the transaction result. If it is accepted, the funds are also transmitted to the interbank network.

> Step 6: The interbank network relays the result of the transaction to

> Step 7: returns the result to Adyen's secure payment solution.

> Step 8: Adyen records the result of your transaction and sends it to you. This payment process takes less than three seconds on average!

> Step 9: The interbank network transmits the appropriate funds to

Paypal :

With Paypal, your financial information is never communicated to Cornilleau: Paypal encrypts and protects your card number.

By choosing this payment method, you will be automatically redirected to the PayPal site. You will then need to insert your identifiers and proceed to payment.

As part of a payment with PayPal, the debit is then made immediately.

Payment by Paypal is a secure SSL payment method. After creating your Paypal account on, simply add your bank card number or associate one of your bank accounts once and for all. Bonus: Paypal is free to pay for your purchases on thousands of sites!

Payment by bank transfer

Once you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing all the information you need to make your transfer. You will then have 15 days to make your payment. After this time, we cannot guarantee the availability of the products you have chosen. Your order will be sent to you on receipt of your payment.