The demands of competition

Historically, Cornilleau has always partnered with table tennis champions to enhance its products. Particularly demanding, they bring their competitive eye and constantly contribute to product improvement. The brand maintains this high level of demand in all its developments.

Photo de Jacques Secrétin

Cornilleau has long worked with the two greatest French table tennis players in history: Jacques Secrétin in the 1980s and Jean-Philippe Gatien in the following two decades. The latter, once his career ended, continued to collaborate with Cornilleau, notably to develop the brand in the competitive scene.

Photo de Jean-Philippe Gatien
Photo du championnat de France 2022 de Tennis de table

Cornilleau is now a partner of around ten high-level athletes, including para-athletes, and professional clubs. But if there is one partnership particularly historic, it is with the French Table Tennis Federation. For over 30 years, national table tennis events have been contested on Cornilleau tables.

Cornilleau fournisseur officiel des tables de ping-pong de la FFTT
Photo de groupes des différents athlètes handisport du ping-pong

True to its commitment to make table tennis accessible to as many people as possible, Cornilleau also supports the table tennis commission of the French Handisport Federation. This commitment is reflected in assistance to clubs with a para-table tennis section as well as support for federal training structures and the French national team. Cornilleau individually supports three members of the French national team: Lucas Didier, Clément Berthier, and Maxime Thomas. The latter is involved in projects related to the ergonomics, accessibility, and playing quality of Cornilleau tables.

Photos des athlètes accompagnés individuellement par Cornilleau : Lucas Didier, Clément Berthier, Maxime Thomas

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