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Discover all our pool tips

From the basics of pool to techniques used by professionals, discover tips to start, progress, and succeed in making impressive shots. Aiming, using the cushions, applying spin, mastering the placement of the white ball for the next shot, and getting out of all situations: with these tutorials, pool will no longer hold any secrets for you. Pool is not just the game everyone knows; it's also an opportunity to unleash your creativity and daring. This is particularly the case in what are called "trickshots". These astonishing shots can be the occasion for challenges, bets, and above all, good times with friends or family. We offer you two series of tutorials, whether you want to indulge in a traditional pool practice or discover another idea of pool.

Expert Assistance

To accompany you and help you progress in both traditional pool practice and the art of trickshots, discover Florian Kohler's expert advice in videos. Florian Kohler, known worldwide as Venom, is an expert in artistic pool, holding numerous records in the field and boasting over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Learning to Play Pool

Regardless of your level, improve your skills with proven techniques. Whether you are a beginner just discovering pool or seeking to master spin shots, cushion shots, and positioning the white ball to string together winning shots, these tutorials are for you. Discover the program. 

Becoming a Trickshot Ace

Another idea of pool is also practicing it in a form other than a traditional game. Fun and impressive, trickshots will make you see pool in a different light. Let yourself be guided by Florian Kohler's advice and learn how to perform these astonishing shots. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, there's something for every level.

Our other pool tips

Maintaining Your Pool Table

How to clean a stain on your pool table? Should you use dish soap, water, or another solution? All the questions you have about maintaining your pool table have an answer. Read more: how to maintain your pool table?

The History of Pool

History enthusiast or simply curious about the origins of pool, discover how this activity, now widely spread, was born and developed.