A successful stripe shot in pool

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The Mirror Method

This simple method will allow you to use the cushion so that the cue ball reaches the desired object ball. It's called "mirror" because without spin, when the ball makes contact with the cushion, the angle of entry is the same as the angle of exit. With this in mind, to accurately assess the angle and therefore the trajectory of the cue ball, you must imagine an isosceles triangle with the point of impact on the cushion as the main vertex and the base drawn on the opposite cushion. Since, during a game, scenarios will rarely be straightforward, you'll need to extrapolate and manipulate spins. Discover this technique in video to easily master it.

Manipulating the Angle with Spin

During a game, there's a good chance that opponent balls will obstruct you, preventing you from making a shot off the cushion with an entry angle equivalent to the exit angle. It's in this type of situation that you'll need to use spin. When the cue strikes the cue ball dead center, there's no spin, and the ball will rebound in mirror fashion off the cushion. However, if you shift this point of impact to the left or right, the ball will rebound while veering to the chosen side. You can shift the point of impact from one to three cue widths to either side to manipulate the angle as you please.

Executing a Shot Off the Cushion with an Object Ball

Just like making a shot off the cushion with the cue ball, you can use the mirror method, where the entry angle on the cushion of the object ball corresponds to its exit angle. However, most of the time, during a game, one or more other balls will be in your way and will require you to use spin to avoid them and make your shot successful. This is when you need to keep in mind what can be called a gear effect. This means that if you apply spin to one side on the cue ball, the object ball will take on the opposite spin.

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