How to maintain your foosball table ?

Whether indoors or outdoors, foosball tables require minimal maintenance to ensure their longevity and preserve their aesthetic and functional qualities. Designed and built to be an outdoor product, the Cornilleau foosball table is your ideal gaming partner for afternoons and evenings with friends or family. Follow these tips to keep it that way for many years to come!


The Game Cabinet

The cabinet is the central element of the foosball table. On Cornilleau foosball tables, it is made of laminated resin, a material that has proven itself for several decades on outdoor ping pong tables. This material offers unparalleled resistance. However, it is necessary to regularly tighten the screws on the cabinet to ensure that the foosball table maintains its perfect stability. To clean the cabinet, it is advisable to use soapy water. The same applies to cleaning the goals and stainless steel goal backs, taking care to dry them with a soft cloth afterward.

The Rods

As key components of the foosball table, the rods are also the most sensitive elements. The rods should be regularly lubricated with mechanical oil or Vaseline. During this operation, protect your playing surface with a cloth and remove any excess to prevent drops from falling onto the playing surface. Prone to bending in case of abrupt or excessive movements, the rods should not be pushed or pulled in the opposite direction of their intended use. It is also essential not to move your foosball table using the rods. If you experience any discomfort during the game or if your rods squeak, do not hesitate to contact our customer service to replace the damaged rod.

The Legs

On the Cornilleau Outdoor foosball table, the wooden legs are the parts that require the most delicate maintenance. Made of Moabi, an exotic wood known for its aesthetic qualities and strong resistance to weather conditions, the foosball table legs should be maintained every year. To do this, apply a layer of clear varnish specifically for outdoor wood, ensuring that the varnish penetrates the wood. The varnish should be applied to clean, dry wood. Be sure to follow the instructions for use and the drying time indicated on the product.

The Playing Surface

The first step in maintaining the foosball table's playing surface is to remove any impurities and dust that may be on it and obstruct the ball's trajectory. To do this, use a vacuum cleaner (ideally with a brush attachment to avoid scratching your playing surface) or a can of compressed air. You can also use a cloth or a lightly damp sponge. If your playing surface has marks or stains, cleaning it with a damp sponge and a mixture of water and soap should suffice in most cases. If the stains persist, use a cloth dampened with White Spirit cautiously and apply it gently and locally to the stain. Be sure to rinse with clear water and dry your playing surface as soon as any liquid is applied or spilled on it. Note that it is essential to use specific foosball balls to avoid damaging the playing surface.

Players and Balls

Plastic foosball balls are outdoor and weather-resistant, and they are durable over time. However, cork balls react to moisture, so be sure not to leave them in your foosball table when it is outdoors. Feel free to clean your balls with a dry cloth before using the foosball table.

If your balls are too damaged, don't hesitate to purchase new ones on the Cornilleau website.

The players are made of painted aluminum. Prefer cleaning with soapy water rather than using aggressive products that could damage the player.


Moving your foosball table can be a delicate operation if you don't know how to proceed. However, it's quite simple to relocate your foosball table to play wherever you like or to put it away for the winter. You just need two people to lift it by holding the foosball table by the cabinet. It's essential to carry the foosball table by the cabinet and not by the rods to avoid bending them. After each relocation of the foosball table to a new playing area, remember to adjust the height of the legs using the key provided with the foosball table (or a 13mm key) via the screw on the levelers.


Once the summer season is over, it is necessary to think about the maintenance and storage of your foosball table. The outdoor foosball table is designed to withstand weather conditions and can be stored outdoors. It is ideally recommended to store it in a sheltered place. A protective cover is highly recommended; it will protect it, especially against dirt (water, dust, falling leaves, etc.) and the risks of color alteration due to prolonged exposure to the sun.