The Play-Style spirit

For beauty and play

Design at the service of the joy of coming together, of sharing a moment around a leisure activity or a meal: Play-Style products invite conviviality in all its forms. They result from an original approach, the desire to create stylish gaming furniture that offers both the quality and performance required to satisfy demanding players, and the aesthetics, lines, and materials to enhance both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Photo de notre table de ping-pong medium Origin en mode table de salon de jardin

Furniture or leisure, there's no need to choose

Bringing together the pleasure of gaming and the pleasure of aesthetics to restore the noble essence of universally practiced leisure – such is the mission of the Play-Style universe. Materials, sleek lines, quality design, and finishes: the attention to every detail makes these products unique, both in their qualities and aesthetics. To seamlessly transition from the conviviality of a game to that of a meal and vice versa, convertibility is introduced to the table, allowing a shift from a billiards or ping pong setup to a dining table in moments. Whether furnishing an outdoor space with designer furniture or a recreational object, Play-Style products cater to those who refuse to choose and prioritize moments of sharing, whatever they may be.

Focus sur notre table de ping-pong medium Origin avec une raquette Nexeo X70 et une balle
Photo des tests tissus pour le billard Hyphen

Quality, durability, playability

Play-Style products are manufactured in the Hauts-de-France region. Cornilleau has been established in the same village since its creation in 1946. Here, all the necessary expertise is concentrated to ensure the high quality of its productions. In Bonneuil-les-Eaux, the products undergo laboratory testing to ensure their durability and resistance. It is indeed through the rigor of these tests that the products can guarantee a perfectly serene use, whether outdoors or indoors. For the practice to provide sensations and enjoyment, it is crucial that the quality of the game is paramount. Cornilleau relies on methods and standards that enable them to offer high-performance products in table tennis, ensuring optimal playing quality across their range.

The Play-Style universe comprises two collections, Hyphen and Origin, each with its own aesthetic but a common approach, blending design, playing quality, and durability. Designed and tested to withstand outdoor conditions and various weather elements (rain, snow, extreme heat), these products are also perfectly suitable for indoor use.

Photo de notre table de ping-pong medium Origin en mode table de salon de jardin
Photo de la table ping-pong Origin , noir avec décor stone foncé

The Origin collection

Paying tribute to Cornilleau's original craft, cabinet making, the Origin collection draws its inspiration from what is simple and noble: nature. Characterized by a pure design and the use of solid wood, it invites us to reconnect with the simple and essential pleasures of the game, all with elegance.

Photo de notre baby-foot origin noir
Une partie de billard
Billard hyphen

The Hyphen Collection

The fusion of influences that shapes it gives the Hyphen collection the ability to seamlessly integrate into modern settings as well as more classic environments. A true bridge between styles and eras, it combines the delicacy of its lines with the robustness of steel. The Hyphen collection embraces paradoxes for our utmost delight, timeless and self-assured.

Billard hyphen avec les diner top

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