Our social actions

Cornilleau draws on its in-depth knowledge of table tennis and its virtues to develop social initiatives based around this activity. Thanks to its network of partners, the brand has set up a number of initiatives to promote education, inclusion, well-being and health.

Education, inclusion and access to sport and leisure activities

1 school - 1 table programme

In order to help schools offer all their pupils a sporting activity and to promote table tennis as a fun and accessible sport, Cornilleau has joined forces with the French Table Tennis Federation to launch the "One school, one table" campaign.

By 2023, 180 schools in metropolitan and overseas France will have received an outdoor table tennis table of very good quality. Kits containing balls and bats have also been distributed. These tables are freely available in schools, so that everyone can use them.  

Photo des plaques des tables collectivités 510 dédiés au programme 1 école 1 table
Enfants autour des tables de ping-pong fourni pour le programme 1 école 1 table
Enfants autour des tables de ping-pong fourni pour le programme 1 école 1 table

Ping Sans Frontières

Cornilleau is a partner of the association Ping Sans Frontières and supports it in its missions. The slogan "Education at the end of the bat" perfectly illustrates its field of action. Cornilleau provides dedicated equipment and textiles so that the association can carry out its educational missions in France and Africa. Together, Cornilleau and Ping Sans Frontières have set up a system for recycling bat covers called "plates for all", which now involves more than 350 clubs in France and enables several thousand children to be equipped each year. 


Photo des dons dédiés à l'association ping sans frontières
Photos des enfants ayant reçus les donations de ping sans frontières
Photo des dons pour le programme des plaques pour tous.

Health and well-being

Supporting the fight against Alzheimer's disease

Cornilleau has been a partner of the Ping 4 Alzheimer association since its creation in 2019. The brand provides active support for workshops aimed at reducing the effects of the disease.

Cornilleau is also supporting the development of ping health workshops to combat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease in collaboration with the FFTT in around a hundred clubs.

Logo Pig 4 Alzheimer
Participant au ping 4 Alzheimer
Participant au ping 4 Alzheimer

Inclusion through sport

Cornilleau is a long-standing partner of French Handisport Federation. In addition to this commitment, the brand is supporting three disabled players individually: Clément Berthier, Lucas Didier and Maxime Thomas. With Maxime Thomas, Cornilleau is working on the development of its products, in particular to improve their ergonomics and accessibility.


Maxime Thomas
Maxime Thomas invité au coeur de chez Cornilleau afin de donner son avis sur les différents produits dédiés à la compétition
Clément Berthier

Fighting a sedentary lifestyle

Cornilleau is taking part in the major outdoor ping project developed by the FFTT. This project is part of the national "5000 sports pitches" plan, which aims to promote outdoor sports throughout France by helping local authorities to equip themselves.

 Cornilleau is the historic partner of a similar initiative in England: Ping! England. The brand is also developing a number of other initiatives with the same objective. 

Table park à Londres
Développement du ping en extérieur via la table Park de Cornilleau
Ping London

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