Origin Outdoor Table

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Origin Pool table

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Football Table Origin
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For beauty and play

The mission of the Play-Style collection is to bring together the pleasures of play and the pleasures of the eye, and to give a new lease of life to leisure activities that are universally practised. Materials, clean lines, quality of design, finishes: the care given to every detail makes these products unique, both in terms of their quality and their aesthetic appeal. Convertible into dining tables, the billiards and ping-pong tables in the Play-Style universe combine the useful with the pleasurable, so that the conviviality of a game and that of a meal follow one another naturally.



Ping table
Origin outdoor

When ping meets design, the marriage is bound to be a happy one. For a game or for life, for an aperitif or a festive moment, the Origin ping table invites you to get together and share more than just a moment.



Hyphen outdoor pool table

A different idea of billiards. With its robust steel structure and slender lines, equally at home for a game or a meal, the Hyphen outdoor billiard table cultivates paradoxes to our great delight.



Origin outdoor

The ambition of Origin outdoor table football is to combine elegance and performance, conviviality and durability. Design, combination of materials, robust construction, quality of play... the table football experience revisited down to the smallest detail.



Table de ping Origin outdoor


Billard Hyphen outdoor


Baby-foot Origin outdoor


Design play furniture

Designed to satisfy both the discerning eye of a designer and the requirements of a seasoned player, inspired by furniture codes to blend in better with both indoor and outdoor spaces, the products in the Play-Style universe are defined as designer play furniture.

The Play-Style universe is made up of two collections, Hyphen and Origin, each with its own aesthetic but with a common approach, combining design, quality of play and durability. Designed and tested to withstand outdoor conditions and all kinds of weather (rain, snow, heat), these products are also perfectly suited to indoor use.

Hyphen Outdoor Pool Table : Its steel frame and curved corners give it a unique style. It's available in dark grey or white, with a light or dark grey play mat. You can choose the colour of its receptacles from the 5 available: white, black, water blue, mustard or terra cotta. The Hyphen billiard table can be converted into a garden table using the optional table tops.

Play-style Origin Outdoor Table : A subtle blend of wood and steel, this ping-pong table pays homage to Cornilleau's original trade, joinery. It can be transformed into a garden table in a matter of moments, simply by removing the net and storing it in the drawer provided. Depending on your preferences, and whether you want to use it more as a garden table or a ping pong table, there are different formats and designs available for the game panels.

Football Table Origin outdoor : Like the table tennis table in the same collection, this table football table is the result of a marriage between wood and steel, giving it its inimitable look. These materials, as well as the laminate of which the body is made, are particularly resistant to impact and the elements. Two colours are available, black or white, and two formats, classic or duo, for frenzied games with two or four players.